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Gun Light Models Roundup - So What Are Your Options?

When you are at the moment in the industry for an effective, and certainly vibrant, attachable light for the gun, you will find a handful of brands and item choices worth looking at. Most of these brands use LED technology and are also leaders in the tactical flashlight segment with the market.

A weapon light is fundamentally a flashlight that has rails and mechanisms that attach to a handgun, shotgun, or riffle. Most weapons suppliers adhere to rail-mount standards including the "Picatinny rail" which is utilized so that weapons can share aftermarket accessories like scopes and lights.

It is actually crucial that you simply know what you need from your weapon torch. Involved are characteristics like light color, throw, and spill. For weapons, a good light should possess a directed thrower-style beam that has minimal spill for clear tactical motives. Below are just a number of the well-liked brands that manufacture superb lights and are available from most tactical goods retailers.


Of course, any LED tactical light speak will not be total with no SureFire. SureFire is definitely an American business that offers a lot of illumination tools along with other associated goods ranging from knives and batteries.

Streamlight and Insight

The two names are combined in this section simply mainly because Streamlight has considering that been discontinued and now moonlight as part of the Insight Technologies brand. Insight develops tactical products like evening vision systems for the US military and other Federal Law agencies. If you need weapon lights which are attempted and tested inside the field, it will not get any superior than this.


Safariland can also be a identified provider and developer of weapons-related products for Law Enforcement agencies. They have been in the business for 40 plus years and manufacture things like body armors, holsters, scopes, and certainly, gun lights.

EOTech and Trijicon

At the moment, these brands usually do not offer you LED-style weapon lights but are relevant to this article simply because they've prime notch light-related magnifiers and scopes that attach to riffles and handguns. A few of their scopes are electrically powered along with the use of such eliminates the will need for highly-visible tactical lights.

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